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A chatbot is generally simply can define as a "chat robot" and shortly the name as "chat-bot".

In technical term, a chatbot can be defined as an "interaction agent" which is an agent or a bot that created by a software developer using Artificial Intelligent (A.I) technology to simulate and detect an interaction or a conversation through written and human speech. They are also known as a "virtual assistant" to assist normal humans to process and interpret user inquiries and give responses to the relevant answers.

Some examples of chatbots such as Siri from Apple Inc. Google Speech or Google Translate from Google Inc, Slack bot from Slack Inc. , Telegram bot from Telegram Inc. and of course Facebook automated responded or Facebook Messenger Chatbot from Facebook Inc. that we are going talking about.

Chatbots nowadays are widely used to replace some tasks of the customer services from the traditional customer service roles and tasks. This will make the customer support team delegate the tasks based on predefined responses generated by a chatbot which makes the customer service much more responsive and efficient ways.

What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

AM Blog What is Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Simply this a chatbot that integrate and featuring with Facebook Messenger that focusing on Facebook for business purpose.

Facebook had been introduced their Messaging App called "Messenger" since 2016, and it allowed developers to develop the A.I chatbots that can integrating with Messenger App.

In fact, there are more than 30,000 bots had been created for Messenger during the first six months when Facebook had open the software development kit (SDKs) and Application Programming Interface (APIs) for most of the programming languages and applications. Since September 2017, this has also been as part of a pilot program on WhatsApp.

Why Facebook Messenger Chatbot Is So Important For Business?

AM Blog Why Facebook Messenger Chatbot Is So Important For Business

Facebook Messenger chatbot is such an incredible Facebook automation tool that makes business owners especially small and medium business owners who have a limited budget on their social media marketing and for those who can't effort to hire an employee or outsourcing freelancer.

Why Facebook Messenger chatbot is so powerful as a Facebook automation tool that you must use as a part of your business and marketing strategy as well? A lot of facts show that it can significantly enhance your business efficiency operational cost and cost-saving.

Moreover, Facebook automation chatbot can instantly engage or respond to your customers or potential customer without delay the time whether is the matter of problem-solving, or customer request and so on, Facebook chatbot can back you up at least in the first and second-tier support so that customer will think that you care your customer. And of course, not everything Facebook Messenger chatbot solves and backup you, but it can reduce your unnecessary work and time to manage the important issues or matters.

Now, let's dive in why Facebook Messenger chatbot tool and strategy is so important in your business and how Facebook Messenger chatbot can helps your business to win more customers and maintain your existing customers as well as generating sales with more relevant facts.

According to Chatbot Report, about 21% of users are realized that chatbots is the easiest way to get in touch with a business. Chatbots are a way more smarter to make sure that customers will receive the responses intantly that they are expecting for without making any delay and dragging unnessessary time for waiting list.

Here is the several facts on why Facebook Messenger Chatbot is so important for your business nowadays:

  • Your business or your brand will gain advantage among your competitors. Facebook chatbots are able to engage with audience and customers as well as respond or reply those frequently asked questions that commonly asked by them. Facebook chatbot can handle the support and customer service like a 24/7 convenient stores that always serve them .
  • Your brand and your page will have a higher customer engagement. Facebook chatbot is able and ready to engage customers immediately by using proactive conservation which means conversation starter and break the ice instantly, it also able to personalized the conversations to gain the user experience.
  • Your business and marketing is easily to scale with chatbots. Chatbots are able to scale your business easily during the peak business hours or and manage ‘n’ number of customer conversations without additional customer service costs.
  • estimates that chatbots will help businesses save more than $8 billion per year by 2022. Chatbots help businesses to save customer service costs of hiring more support agents that require additional costs such as salary, training, and infrastructure costs.
  • and directing them to the right team for further nurturing. Being able to engage customers instantly increases the number of leads and conversion rates.

The Difference Between Facebook Messenger Automated Response and External Chatbot integration?


Facebook Page had been featured an automated business suite messaging solution where you can setup your own personalized automation messaging to instantly reply to your Facebook audience with their own automated response feature which can configure in your Facebook Page Settings or you can setup the advanced automated messaging integration externally through the Third-party Facebook chatbot builder integration.

However, there are several differences between Facebook Business Page featured Messaging Automated Response and external integration Facebook Page Messenger automated response showed as below:

1. Level(s) of Message Can Be Automated

For Facebook Business Page Messaging Automated Response, it can only setup the initial stage of the conversation, such as simple greeting, welcome message, quick reply, instant reply, frequently asked questions (FAQs), application request, follow up message &, etc in just 1 level deep conversation.

Whereas for external integration Facebook Page Chatbot, you can configure way more features and level deeps of conversation setup with the continuous blocks of conversations.

For example, you can setup the first conversation text with button style with "Hi! How can I help you?" with the option of buttons, "Product Menus" and "Need Other Assistance". When the audience clicked one of the button options they redirect the conversation blocks that you had configured it.

2. Flexibility of conversation customization

For Facebook Business Page Messaging Automated Response, you can only configure the conversation with limited customization, such as personalization message with putting the recipients' full name, first name or last name to make the conversation.

Whereas, for external integration of Facebook Page Chatbot Builder, you can customize the conversation that not only personalize the message by putting recipients' full name, first name or last name, it's also a lot of flexibility on customizing the conversation in more visualization, such as inserting pictures, GIFs and short videos rather than just the plain text based conversation.

3. Type(s) of Content Blocks

For Facebook Business Page Messaging Automated Response, you can only able to configure one type of content block which is text-based content block with call-to-action button.

Whereas, for external integration of Facebook Page Chatbot Builder, you are able to configure multiple types of content block that not only text block such as Single image blocks, multi images blocks (carousel), single video blocks, upload file blocks and custom field blocks.

How to setup your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot with AutoMessenger


If you had read until this section, Congratulations! You are in the 1 step further to ready to skyrocket your social media marketing by creating your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot to become part of your business automation strategy.

Now you already understand the fundamental of what is Facebook Messenger chatbot, why Facebook Messenger chatbot is so important to your business, and what is the difference between the Facebook page originate automated response messaging feature and external Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Now you know that Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a powerful tool to automate part of your business and marketing with no doubt, but here is the question comes in, how to build or setup my own Facebook Messenger Chatbot for my Facebook?

You maybe think that you need to learn some programming languages to code your own Facebook Messenger chatbot? Absolutely you can do that! But wait! There's a better option for you to build your very own Facebook Messenger Chatbot to automate your Facebook for Business Page without any technical or coding skills require. The only thing you need is a Facebook Chatbot Builder tool to start building your very own Facebook Messenger Chatbot!

Introducing AutoMessenger Drag & Drop style Facebook Chatbot Builder! We providing one of the most easiest and user friendliest Facebook Chatbot Builder tool that cater for non-techie people like most of the people.

With the simple and minimalist user interface of AutoMessenger Facebook Chatbot Builder, you can simply connect your Facebook account and start to build your Facebook simple chatbot with just few simple steps!

Before we dive into the how to setup your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your Facebook Page with AutoMessenger. We are briefly pointing out some important features of AutoMessenger.

Main Features of AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder:

  • Full Featured Messenger Bot
  • Build Messenger Bot Visually With Drag & Drop Visual Flow Builder
  • Never Leave Your Customers Behind. 24/7 Auto Reply Your Customer
  • Create And Synchornize Your Own Subscriber Base In One Place
  • Monitoring Chat & Latest Conversation In One Place
  • Built-In Facebook Chatbot Analytics

With so much features provided by AutoMessenger, it is a comprehensive chatbot marketing automation tool you definitely need to use. And the best part, it's FREE!

Without further ado, let's dive into how to setup your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot with AutoMessenger!

Step 1: Sign Up A Free Account In AutoMessenger

Log on to AutoMessenger & click "Free Sign Up"! Fill up the details and click "Sign Up" button!

That's so easy right? Congratulations! You have successfully created a Free AutoMessenger and let's start to create your first chatbot now!

Step 2: Enable Connection With The Selected Facebook Page

Once you are inside the dashboard, you can view the main menu selection feature tabs are available on your left screen of the dashboard including Subscriber Manager, Messenger Bot, Broadcasting and Flow Builder where all are free to use.

To Make Your Facebook Page Messenger Chatbot work, you need to import your Facebook Pages from your Facebook account.

Click "Import Accounts" from the dashboard of your AutoMessenger account, and click "Login With Facebook" to import your Facebook Pages from your Facebook account.

Once clicked "Login with Facebook", you will be redirect to your Facebook account to approve the linked account permission by confirming your accout login.

Note: You can import from multiple Facebook pages from different Facebook accounts, just simply login another Facebook account and follow the same steps as above. For more details on how to import your Facebook pages to AutoMessenger, you can go through this tutorial via login your membership site here!

Once your Facebook pages had be imported from your Facebook account, you can see the page lists inside the Import accounts tab.

To enable your chatbot for your Facebook Pages, select and click "Enable Bot Connection" with the "Blue Socket Icon" besides the page listed.

And done! The chatbot of your Facebook page has been activated! Now it's time to create your very first Messenger Chatbot with AutoMessenger!

Step 3: Start To Create Your First Simple Bot

Let's start exploring the Messenger Bot section by clicking the "Messenger Bot" tab in the main menu. Inside the Messenger Bot section, there is a number of selected features are available to play around with.

However, for this guide we are going to build a simple chatbot to let you understand how Facebook Messenger chatbot works. If you want to discover more the rest of the AutoMesenger's Messenger Bot features, check out this tutorial here.

Let's click on "Bot Settings" tab, inside the Bot Settings you can see there are 3 columns on this section, the first column shows your Facebook page (s) had been enabled and connected into the bot connection list.

The second column is shows the Messenger Bot settings that you can configure to your selected Facebook Page. From this column, there are the following configuration that available which is "Bot Reply Settings", "Get Started Settings", "General Settings", "Action Button Settings", and "Persistent Menu Settings". Let's briefly walk-through the functionality one by one:

  • Bot Reply Settings: Setup a reply bot based on the keywords that had been inserted. For example, create a bot named it "Hello Bot" and providing the keywords such as "Hi", "Hello" & "Howdy" with comma separated (exclude " " during inserting the keywords) and lastly providing the reply message such as "Hi, #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# how can I help you?" For #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# is the personalized message to address the user's name.
  • Get Started Settings: For Get Started Settings, you can either enabled or disabled the "Get Started" Button before initiate the conversation. You can insert the welcome message to show the some sense of sincere to your audience before start the conversation in the messenger. And for Ice breaker, you can either enabled or disabled to configure the quick questions that the audience frequently asked, so that it will redirect straight to the responds that they are requested.
  • General Settings: The general settings are not necessary just the optional options including enabled or disabled for "Mark as seen" status and providing human email if the audience would like to contact directly with human interaction.
  • Action Button Settings: You can create an instant or built-in templates quick reply such as phone quick reply template, email quick reply template, unsubscribe quick reply template, birthday quick reply template, location quick reply template and chat with human quick reply template.
  • Persistent Menu Settings: You are able the configure persistent menu directly to the massage box. It also acts as quick way to redirect your audience to the important conversation block or call to actions. You can adding the post-back of the conversation block. For better understanding about post-back conversation block. Login to your membership area to go through the post-back configuration tutorial here. Additionally, you can adding external destination as persistent menu such as your website by inserting the web URL.

After you had done configured all of these Messenger Bot of Bot Settings, your first messenger chatbot is ready to go! However,you can setup your chatbot is more advanced and more functionality to impress your audience. Let's dive into the next important AutoMessenger feature which is called Visual Flow Builder.

Step 4: Design Your Chatbot From Start To End With Drag & Drop Flow!

To complete your chatbot automation in more visual work flow and more conversation block types, AutoMessenger Flow Builder feature is all you need!

In the menu tab, click on Visual Flow Builder tab. In the Visual Flow Builder section, you can see there is the green button "Create New Flow" to create your chatbot flows, just click on the button. Then it will come out a popup to name your workflow and select the Facebook page that would like to configure the chatbot flow builder.

In the Flow Builder section, there's an editor wide screen that available to zoom in and out by simply scroll up and down with your mouse. And you also discover that there has two things appear in the editor wide screen, one is the blue circle dot and another is the blue rectangular box. So let's briefly explain how to get started to build your chatbot flow with these two things.

The Dock Menu:

It consists of the component of building the conversation blocks that categorized into 3 categories which is elements, buttons and actions. Let's briefly walk-through the 3 categories:

  1. Elements: It consists of Text block, Carousel block, Carousel block, Facebook Media Block, Image block, Video block, File block and User Input block.
  2. Buttons: It consist of Quick Reply Block and Button Block.
  3. Actions: It consists of New Message Set, Delay, Labels, Triggers and OTN


This is the building block of your flow that drag the components from the dock menu. Each component have an Input and Output sockets. You can connect each components from one another by connecting compatible input and output sockets.

Once the had connected the socket between component, make sure you click the save button to save the chabot flow and if there's is some errors popup in the screen , fix it up until all the components turn into green once the flow had saved.

For more guides and tutorial on how to to create and configure the chatbot flows, you can ogin to your membership area here.

Now, you had understand that how to build your Facebook page chatbot with just drag and drop easily and visually that transforming a boring bot to the dancing bot! Hehe....Your Facebook Messenger chatbot and activated and get started to work and dance for you as well.

Next and the last, let's dive into how AutoMessenger can collect your subscribers and turn into valuable database.

Step 5: Collect Your Subscribers Or Leads In One Place!

Finally, it's time for the moment you are waiting for! You just seat steadily and let the chatbot to do the rest of the work to save your work. Once your Facebook Messenger chatbot had activated and running, it started to collect your audience who have the conversation with chatbot become your subscribe and save your subscribe in one place!

How your Facebook Messenger chatbot collect and synchronize your new as well as exisiting subscribers into AutoMessenger Subscriber Manager Feature?

Simple, just click on the "Subscriber Manager" tab menu on the dashboard of the AutoMessenger and once click through it, you can see there are 3 columns on the screen:

1. Sync Subscribers:

  • You can scan your Facebook page inbox and synchronize your existing people who had private message to your Facebook page before by clicking "Scan Page Inbox" button
  • Once your latest and existing subscribers from your Facebook page inbox had been synchronized, you can check the list of the subscribers' details by clicking the "Subscriber List" button
  • You can check out your latest conversation by clicking the "Latest conversations" button for details and reply the chat if there's unread or unreply coversation just like what you do in Messenger inbox as well
  • You can see the stats of your total conversation subscribers, total subscribers had been collected by your chatbot, total unsubscribed, 24h interaction subscriber and migrated bot subscribers on the main Sync Subscribers screen.

2. Bot subscribers:

  • Simply is the section that shows the lists of the subscriber's details that had collected by your chatbot of your Facebook pages.
  • The details of subsribers such as personal image, from which Facebook page, subscriber id, first name, last name, genders and more
  • You also can download the lists of the subscribers by clicking "Option" button and press "Download Results"

3. Labels/Tags:

  • This section is all about how you can to delegate or categorize your subscribers by putting the labels and tags for specific tasks and it's also easier for you to run the campaign for specific labels or tags that you assigned.
  • There has 3 default labels you can segmenting your subscribers which is follow up label, important label, and unsubscribe label.
  • You can set your own label for specific Faebook page by clicking "New Label" button.
  • Alternatively, you can set and edit your labels inside the bot subscribers section in the subscriber details.
  • Another way to set the specific labels done after the chatbot had been collected the subscribers by putting the labels via Flow Builder so that the subscribers that had been collected by chatbot had automatically label for you without doing manual job.

Congratulations! You have done your Facebook Messenger Automation part! Let you bot done for you the tedious works and you just focus on those important that beneficial to your business!

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