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Instagram is a great platform to share your content with friends and family. However, sending direct messages can be tedious if you have hundreds and thousands of followers. Therefore, you need to find a solution to reduce spending too much time on replying messages in the manual basis which most of it are consider as unproductive activities especially for business owners.

Hence, in a recent update to the Instagram DMs in the Instagram app as well as Facebook Business Pages from Metaverse (rebranded from Facebook Inc.) had been introducing Automated Direct Messages. This new feature allows you to send a personalized and automated the message to an unlimited number of people at once.

Every time someone starts a direct reply conversation with you, the automated direct massage will be trigger message received in the inbox and activate the auto-response to reply back to the users based on what you had configured in the Facebook Business Page's Automated Responses. By enabling this feature from Facebook Business Page, you will eliminate the tedious task of sending serial direct messages manually.

However, for this blog post, we are not talking about Instagram Automated Direct Messages from Facebook Business Page itself. We are going to use an alternative automation tool which has much better features and ease to use as well. We are going to learn how to build your own direct messages automation with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder. Let's jump into it right now!

What is Instagram direct messages automation?


The simplest and straight-forward to define what is an Instagram direct message automation is a part of digital marketing strategies where you are able to fully or partially automate the replies in your Instagram Direct Message the users as well as other purposes such as audience engagement, lead generation, sales promotions, sales conversion, customer services and customer retention.

For example, the Instagram DM automation bot could respond instantly without open up your Instagram app when someone sends you an Instagram DM (direct message) by triggering certain keywords that had been setup in the Direct Messages bot configuration. Another application on using Instagram Direct Messages automation is when the DM automation bot would automatically send another photo back that has been pre-selected by you or has been otherwise selected based on what kind of photo would best suit your response.

In addition, DM automation bot allows you to spend more time on creativity and less time on chores like opening the app multiple times per day or combing through insights. With Instagram direct message automation, it's easier than ever for businesses that use social media marketing tools to engage with their followers via a bot.

Is Instagram Direct Message Automation legitimate to use in digital and growth marketing strategy?


Now you will be asking about this question for sure, Instagram DM automation is definitely a legitimate automation method to spend less time and optimize effort for brand and business growth in the long term game. Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages had been started introduce in digital marketing automation way longer before Metaverse (rebranded from Facebook Inc.) had fully introducing Facebook Messenger Automate Response in the recent years.

However, back to the days before Facebook and Instagram had been implementing a strong and strict usage policies, there got web and application developers started to bot automation game when they found a "loop-hole" or "grey-zone" on the Facebook and Instagram of terms of service (TOS) policies to come out their automation tools and sell their services and tools to those who are looking for Facebook and Instagram automation.

According to Instagram, the platform is against bots and they have killed a large number of bot accounts in 2018 due to massive spam bot accounts that highly effected the reputation of Facebook and Instagram as the top global the most active users among the social media platforms. Thus, the organization had been evolving and refining their policies where automation via Facebook platforms are only limited only for business purposes with the strictly application and review process as well.

It's important that you understand how to create your own DM automation with Instagram bots before attempting to create automation with Instagram bots. However, this is not necessary if you are not going to develop your own automation bot for Facebook and Instagram platforms. For those who are interested to know more about Messenger or Instagram DM automation and development, you can check out this documentation here.

Is this sounds horrible for you to get started on Instagram DM automation? Well, the good news is in this blog post, none and above you are going into these process where you need to get apply, review and approval from Instagram. We will guide you on how to get started with our DM Automation tool that 100% approved by Facebook Developers and legally use for public without violates and breach their policies. Here is the guides on how to use Instagram DM Automation tool safely.

Now let's jump into the benefits of using Instagram DM Automation tool.

What Are the benefits of using Instagram Direct Message Automation?


Instagram DM automation is a great marketing automation tool that can help businesses to reach their target audience and engage with them instantly with less waiting time. Some several facts and using Instagram DM automation is better than most other marketing methods due to its ability on not only able to automate messages but also able to collect important information and generate lead without going through complex procedures.

Using the Instagram Direct Message Automation, businesses able to optimize the results in every steps of the automated conversation flows. They can also create different automation strategies with various marketing goals and sales objectives. This is a great way to increase the conversion rates while increasing brand awareness and promoting engagement on social media platforms especially with legitimate marketing automation tool.

Thus, there are some perspectives that can define as benefits for most of the people that who are not yet discover on the potential of using Instagram DM automation to grow your Instagram followers as well as brand reach out and sales growth. We had listed down the 4 most beneficial that able to gain the advantage by using Instagram Direct Message Automation as below:

Benefit 1: Enable to automate the repetitive tasks

Instagram Direct Message Automation is a new way to automate repetitive tasks in your Instagram account especially for those who are business owners that mostly using the same manual boring method to "copy and paste" style the message continuously even most of the questions or queries from users are almost the same and responding the same answers too.

Therefore, by using Instagram Direct Message automation tool, it can be your time save to replace your job that mostly need to "copy and paste" the same reply messages and make them into automated without spending so much time only replying your dm, so that you can focusing on your important daily tasks.

Benefit 2: Ease to use without switch between apps

One of the benefit of using Instagram automation is to automate your direct messages that able to becomes your time saver on replying multiple and repetitive messages, but it can also becomes your time saver in managing multiple Instagram accounts without switching in and out of apps multiple times. This is become the most of beneficial point especially who handling, managing and monitoring multiple Instagram accounts.

What most of the people who handling multiple Instagram accounts, they are facing one of most tedious works is need to switch the accounts regularly through the Instagram app itself. Sometimes you might be facing some verification issue to identify the account you had just logged in that will takes unnecessary time to verify and login successfully.

This is why Instagram Direct Message automation tool comes into your help. You can managing multiple Instagram accounts as you can by just one time setup, import and enable the accounts you want to manage and configure the automation all in one place without switch, logging in and out from the Instagram apps.

Benefit 3: Able to response to users in instantly and seamlessly

Another benefits of why you must widely use of Instagram Direct Message automation tool is you are able to response to users in instantly and seamlessly with less waiting time. You are able to automate the responds and engaging with your audience in no time. This will make your audience will highly stick to you rather than just looking for other competitors who providing similar products or services like you.

Thus, your Instagram should integrating with Instagram automation tools to react faster and stand by to respond in 24/7 even if you are in offline or no logging in condition.

Benefit 4: Improve the engagement and brand awareness with your targeted audience

Automated direct messages are beneficial for businesses because they help saving time and providing values to customers. Additionally, it's also helps to improve engagement with the targeted audience as well as improve the engagement and brand awareness with your targeted audience

The keystone of brand success is communication. Thus, by using Instagram DM automation is allow to improve the engagement and branding awareness with your targeted audience. It is a way to create consistency in your messages, so that the audience knows what they are getting with your brand.

What are the main features available in AutoMessenger Instagram Automation Tool?

AM Blog What Are Main Features Available In Automessenger IG DM Automation

When you want to automate your Instagram Direct messages, there are a few features that you must needed to use to growing your Instagram Business account via Instagram Direct Message Automation.

In order to create an automated Direct Message on Instagram, you need to know how the Instagram DM automation works and what type of features will be available to grow your Instagram Business accounts.

Thus, in this blog post, we are going to show you on how to use our AutoMessenger Instagram DM Automation available features in order to create automation for your account or even just do some quick research on the platform!

Feature 1: Automated comments and replies on Instagram feed posts

The first main feature that available in our AutoMessenger Instagram Automation is enables to automate your Instagram feed posts with our Instagram Social Posting . This automation features allow you to automate the tasks such as scheduling posts, comment posting and replies.

Our AutoMessenger's social posting & Instagram Comment Growth tool that allows you to create automated comments and replies on Instagram posts based on the specific IG Business account that enable to active the automation based on keywords triggering.

In the configuration section, you can inserting multiple keywords based on your preferences to respond back the comments that posted by the users and followers. You can choose the options whether you just want to enable the automation for specific post feeds or you can enable the global automation campaign for auto-commenting same comments.

There are several available options that enable you to automate the comments and replies by using keyword triggering. The purpose of using this just purely want to highly engage with your followers as well as those who are not your page's follower to grow your IG account's followers and likes.

Or if your objective is increase your web traffic, the automation campaign can be setup to trigger the specific keywords to reply the posted comments from the followers and guide them to your website.

Feature 2: Automated replies to mentions on Instagram Stories

The second main feature that available in our AutoMessenger Instagram Automation is to automate the replies or responds from Instagram Stories who mentioned your accounts or username and auto-respond back to the person who mentioned your account via Direct Message.

This feature is allows you to engage with back those accounts or persons that posted their IG Stories that mentioning or tagging your account and replying them back instantly. By using it, you are able to reply to mentions on Instagram Stories automatically with adding links, sending an image, a carousel style images or even a form for users data collection purposes.

Automated replies to mentions on Instagram Stories is one of the most useful feature available in our Instagram Direct Message automation tool. You are able to configure the auto-responder or automated message with our Bot Flow Builder where is the drag-n-drop style block to build your conversation flows with no limitations.

Our Bot Flow Builder is designed with more than 10 drag-n-drop elements available at the moment for you to build your own Instagram DM automation with no limitation and depending on your creativity of how you design or craft your automated conversation flows. Besides that, you can create unlimited Instagram DM bot via using Bot Flow Builder for absolutely FREE. Create an account today to give a try and build your own IG DM bot today.

Feature 3: Automated replies via Instagram Direct Message from Instagram posts feed

that available in our AutoMessenger Instagram Automation is is automate replies to send the private massage from your Instagram posts feed that you have posted on Instagram. This feature is able to configurate from the post's Instagram feed through automated campaign increase engagement and visibility of your Instagram posts.

To configures the automated replies via Instagram DM from Instagram post feed in AutoMessenger Instagram automation tool, you can set it up from our Comment Growth tool by selecting the option Instagram automation, and selecting the Instagram Business account that wanted to enable the automation feature, then select the reply template to create and setup a reply template or edit the existing templates if needed.

To trigger the automated replies template to send out the users' Instagram DM inbox, you will need to configure with the keywords trigger to able and activate the automation bot. As similar as the first main feature of auto-comment configuration, this feature also need to setup an automation campaign to enable and active the automated private replies to all or selected posts.

To learn more about how to setup, a full function of Instagram Comment tool in AutoMessenger Instagram Automation tool, you can checkout this posts and tutorial to find out more. Now you can these three main feature you are needed to make your Instagram Automation works well, we are going to show you how to show in step-by-step on how to setup an Instagram Direct Message Automation bot in AutoMessenger!

How to get started with AutoMessenger for Instagram Direct Messages Automation

AM Blog How to get started with Automessenger for IG DM Automation

To get started on how to setup Instagram DM Automation in AutoMessenger, there are 5-steps you need to get through with it. Without further ado, let's rock and roll!

Step 1: Create a Free Account In AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder

At the beginning of this step, just go to AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder and click Sign Up on the top-right of the page and it will redirect you to a new page where you can log in your accounts if you had registered otherwise just sign up an account for free here!

There are 2 options to create your new account, the first option you can click "Create Account" hyperlink at the bottom of the login form where it will redirect you to sign up page and ready to sign up by filling the form with the following details: Name, Email, Password, Confirm Password and Captcha. And the second option is create an account via Facebook Login. If you are looking for quick and easy gateway, the second option is the way to go.

For the second option on register a Free AutoMessenger account, just click on the "Login with Facebook" button on the login page below the login form, it will redirect you to a popup model from Facebook external browser interface where is requesting some permissions to allow AutoMessenger app allow to connect with your Facebook account, please make sure that you are connecting the right Facebook Business pages that connected with Instagram Business account before you continue the next step.

If is your Instagram are not connected with your Facebook Business page, you will need to connect with your Instagram Business account so that your AutoMessenger account will import your Instagram Business account successfully. Take note that, make sure that your Instagram account had been switched to business account. To know how to switch your IG account from personal to business, you can check out on this article.

And finally, make sure that all the permission is switch on to ensure that your messenger chatbot setup and configuration can work properly, and click on "Done" together with "Ok" button. Congratulations, you are done! Your account had been registered successfully! Now, we can jump to the rocket and ready to launch for your first ever Instagram DM automation bot! Now let's going into the next step.

Step 2: Enable And Activate Your First Messenger Bot

Once you are inside the dashboard, you can view the main menu selection feature tabs are available on your left screen of the dashboard including Subscriber Manager, Messenger Bot, Broadcasting, and Flow Builder where all are free to use.

Once your Facebook pages had been imported from your Facebook account, you can see the page lists inside the Import accounts tab. To enable your chatbot for your Facebook Pages, select and click "Enable Bot Connection" with the "Blue Socket Icon" besides the page listed. And done! The chatbot of your Facebook page has been activated! Now it's time to create your very first Messenger Chatbot with AutoMessenger!

Step 3: Start To Create Your First IG DM Bot Via Classic Editor

Let's start exploring the IG DM Bot section by clicking the "Messenger Bot" tab in the main menu. Inside the Messenger Bot section, there are a number of selection features are available to play around with. However, for this guide, we are going to build a simple chatbot to let you understand how the Facebook Messenger chatbot works. If you want to discover more about the rest of AutoMesenger's Messenger Bot features, check out this tutorial here.

Let's click on "Bot Settings" tab, inside the Bot Settings you can see there are 3 columns on this section, the first column shows your Facebook page (s) had been enabled and connected into the bot connection list. The second column shows the Messenger Bot settings that you can configure to your selected Facebook Page. From this column, there are the following configuration that available which is "Bot Reply Settings", "Get Started Settings", "General Settings", "Action Button Settings", and "Persistent Menu Settings". Let's briefly walk through the functionality one by one:

  • Bot Reply Settings: Setup a reply bot based on the keywords that had been inserted. For example, create a bot named "Hello Bot" and providing the keywords such as "Hi", "Hello" & "Howdy" with comma-separated (exclude " " during inserting the keywords) and lastly providing the reply message such as "Hi, #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# how can I help you?" For #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME# is the personalized message to address the recipient's name,
  • Get Started Settings: For get the first impression for the users, you can enable the "Get Started" feature which it can be functioning as your ice breaking helper.

As the ice breaker is enabled, you can configure some quick questions and answers or as known as Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) that most of the users may asked when they come into your account's inbox.

Once you had enabled the Ice Breaker, it will comes out the question block with two-inner sections on it which is type of your questions and reply message template. You can type out the question that you may think that the users will asking for and then configure the answers by just clicking "Add Message Templates". You can add more question blocks by just clicking "Add More Questions" button.

  • General Settings: The general settings is an optional to setup and enable "chat with human email" where it will be triggered if the bots will not manage or not match the message triggered to answer specific questions and need the real human to answer it manually via Email.
  • Quick Reply Templates: Quick reply templates is very useful especially for those users who know what they are looking for to get answers or solutions straight to the point without going the complex bot conversation flow that been been configured as the "shortcut" gateway to them.

At the moment, it comes with 2 ready-made or pre-built quick reply template which is No match template and Story mention template. You also can edit the pre-built template quick reply template and add more replies as you can which all depending on your own preferences.

  • Message Sequences : The function of message sequence is to engage the users as fast as possible by creating a series of message sequences with setup the preferable time period. There are two types of message sequence which is 24-hours promotional sequence and Daily non-promotional sequence.

For 24-hours promotional sequence is all about sending the promotional campaigns sequence for promotion campaign and sales purposes within 24-hours windows. Based on Facebook/Instagram policies, the messages that containing sales and promotions only allow to send the promotional type of messages within 24-hours windows.

Alternatively, you can use daily non-promotional sequence after the users went to promotional sequence. Through this non-promotional sequence is consider as nurturing sequence where you can sending informative messages continuously such as blog posts, polls and surveys as well as some upcoming features or new updates regarding about your products and services by scheduling the time slots.

After you had done configured all of these Bot Settings for Instagram DM bot, your first Instagram DM bot is ready to go! However, you can have much better feature to setup these whole things with just drag-n-drop style to build your Instagram Bot fast and easily. Let's jump into the bonus guides on how to build the Instagram DM bot fast.

Bonus: Using AutoMessenger Visual Flow Builder To Build A Simple Instagram DM Bot Fast And Easily!

This step is the most important and the most exciting part of the overall steps. Why? Because you can start to build your Instagram DM bot in much more easy way and sky-rocket mode.

In overall, you can build your Instagram DM bot in two-ways from AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder:

  1. Classic Bot Editor
  2. Visual Flow Builder

As in the previous and final steps, we had shown you how to build the Instagram DM bot by using Classic Bot Editor. So what's are the difference between Classic Bot Editor and Visual Flow Builder?

To simplify this, Classic Bot Editor is basically using simple editor to configure and build the bot with minimalist interface and less visualization on the bot flow from start to end, which means Classic editor doesn't have big picture on how your conversation bot flow going from, going to and going for.

On the other hand, Visual Flow Builder is the bot builder where is giving flexibility and capability on how your conversion bot flow going on in visually via using visual interface in drag-n-drop style flow builder.

Visual Flow Builder enable you to fully control your chatbot conversation flows from start to end without any limits which also depending on how creative you to build your own Instagram DM bot. So how to use Visual Flow Build to build your Instagram DM Bot? Following the steps at the below:

Step 1: Go To Visual Flow Builder

In the menu tab, click on the Visual Flow Builder tab. In the Visual Flow Builder section, you can see there is a "Create New Flow" button, click it to create your chatbot flow. Then it will come out with a popup to select the Instagram Business account that had been enabled the bot to setup the IG DM bot in Visual Flow Builder.

In the Flow Builder section, there's an editor-wide screen with two main components that appear on your screen. On your left of the screen, there a sidebar called dock menu and another component that appears in the editor called "Start Bot Flow" which is indicated you need to build your bot start from here.

On the dock menu, there are a total of 15 elements are available in the dock menu depending on what is the pricing plans you sign up for.

For the Free plan, there is all of the element available except for Ecommerce element where is the feature to build Ecommerce store in AutoMessenger. The rest of the two plans (Professional and Ultimate plan), both of these plans have all 15 elements in the Dock Menu of Visual Flow Builder.

Need more features? Check out our upgrade plans and overview of AutoMessenger Visual Flow Builder to get more information and for a better understanding of all features inside the visual flow builder.

Step 2: Drag and Drop The Elements Into The Visual Flow Editor

To build the starting point of the bot flow, following the simple instructions to build a simple Instagram DM Bot with only picking several elements that enough to cover in this tutorial:

  1. Select and drag a "Trigger" element in the editor and connect the trigger to the trigger socket of the "Start Bot Flow" element by dragging the arrow from the trigger dot connector. In the trigger element, you can insert the keywords as the text data to trigger the bot and start the chat flow,  you can insert multiple keywords in the trigger element.

All you have to do is hover on the trigger element that just dragged into the editor and then double click the element, another sidebar will be appear after you double click it at your right of the screen where is the side that you can insert your keywords to trigger your bot.

In addition, you can also need to name your chatbot flow by hovering and double-clicking at the "Start The Bot" element where the left sidebar appears to configure your bot name as the reference. You can name it whatever you want, just make sure that the name easily to recognize and know the objective of the bot.

2. Select and drag a couple of important elements such as "Generic Template" or "Text" with "Button" or "Quick Reply" or both "Button"+ "Quick Reply" combination action elements as the first conversation block to initiate your bot.

So what's the difference between "Generic Template" and "Text" elements? In short, the generic template is the element where you can insert a single image plus the text message become a single block of conversation chatbot flow.

Whereas "Text" element only able insert the text-based message with a single image upload which is available for generic template elements. In both elements of "Generic Template" and "Text", there are 4 connectors that need to link other element blocks.

Let's briefly explain on these 4 types of connectors are:

  • Previous Block Connector: Is a connector where is the connection before the current element block. Therefore, at this starting point, the previous block connector is the connection between "Start Bot Flow" (Previous Block) and Generic Element block (Next Block).
  • Next Block Connector: Is a connector where is the connection after the current element block except button and quick reply element which they both have separated connectors with each other.
  • Button Connector: is a connector that only connects to the button element as an action
  • Quick Reply Connector: is a connector that only connects to the quick reply element as an action. For more details on the difference between "button" and "quick reply", you can check out this article.

3. Lastly, repeat the same instruction from Step 1 and 2 to complete building your Instagram DM Bot. Of course, you can build your bot flow as complex as you can with no limits!

To learn more about how to build Facebook Messenger Bot and Instagram DM Bot via using Visual Flow Builder in advanced mode. We got a comprehensive and updated guidance on how to use all the elements from Visual Flow Builder here.

Final Words

Throughout the whole blog post, now you know that what is Instagram Direct Message automation is about, the legitimate concern of Instagram Direct Message automation, the benefits of using Instagram DM automation, types of features available in our AutoMessenger Instagram DM automation tool and how to use our Instagram DM automation tool.

To finalize this, to grow your business via Instagram, Instagram DM automation tool is necessary to use in your Instagram marketing strategy. However, automation tool is only a tool for you to ease your day-in and day-out tasks with less manual works on it. It doesn't means that can get higher expectation after apply and implement it into your Instagram marketing strategy.

There's a lot of factors will impacting your Instagram growth marketing not only just depending on Instagram DM automation tool. Thus, use it wisely and prevent it from over-abusing the power of marketing automation

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