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Lead generation is one of digital marketing strategy to attract or lead your visitors or prospects to become your potential customers and lead them through the sales funnels from aware their needs, aware their problems and aware their solution to become your real customers through nurturing and educating process.

Lead qualification is the process of identifying opportunities that are most likely to convert into paying customers. It helps companies identify leads with potential for higher revenue and cost-effective customer acquisition, which in turn will increase conversion rates.

Commonly, lead generation in digital marketing can generate leads in two main methods of digital marketing, the first method is using organic strategy such as via search engine optimization in your website, blog posts and email subscribing lists. And for the second method is using paid strategy such as Facebook ads , Google ads, and other social media advertising platforms where you paid these platforms to get priority to get your advertisement place as higher as it can as well as displaying as frequent as it can and drive the traffic to your landing page or lead forms from the your desired and targeted audience.

What is chatbot for lead qualification?

AM Blog What is chatbot for lead qualification

Chatbot for lead qualification is the combination of lead generation marketing strategy with the power of chabot marketing automation to drive the prospects to become your potential customers and using chatbot automation strategy to lead them into the sales funnel to convert them into your real customers and generating sales through the process of educating and nurturing process partially or fully using chatbot automation tool.

The use of chatbot automation tool is not only is a great way to generate leads, but it's also essential in qualifying the lead by setting up more specific questions to filter out which the leads are the qualified based your requirements or which leads going to "Keep In View" also know as KIV that need to take time to know your brand, products or services and your business as well.

According to a study, chatbot automation could be used as lead generation tools for business because it can helps businesses to increase customer experience and drive sales. Businesses that use this chatbot marketing strategy are able to create personalize experiences which also able to reduce the effort on fact finding the customers, while also cutting down on costs such as hiring and resources.

Furthermore, chatbot automation also can helps to qualify leads by analyzing various metrics such as purchase behavior patterns or website visits. However, chatbot automation can be used alongside other lead generation methods like surveys or mobile apps because they cannot automatically generate qualified prospects (in contrast to bots).

How Do Chatbot For Lead Qualification Works?

AM Blog How do chatbot for lead qualification works

Lead qualification process is an integral part of the process in lead generation to find potential customers in better quality approach as well as to achieve higher sales closing or conversion rate based on the desired goals and objectives. It is so important for companies to find high quality leads that can gain higher sales closing rate simultaneously. Subsequently, it also can cuts down the unnecessary costs and resources.

So how lead qualification process works together with the power of chatbot automation? The actual purpose throughout this process not just about getting high quality and high potential prospects to become the real customers in automated via chatbot automation tool, but it’s also about increasing your conversion rate and improving customer experience.

In addition, qualifying leads by using chatbot marketing automation can helps you get in touch with every new prospects via chatbot no matter on single or multiple channels they come from such as via search engine, paid advertisements, and social media platforms which they can communicating and engaging with the new or existing prospects seamlessly. Lead qualification via chatbot automation also can serve the prospects questions or inquiries and convert those prospects into your leads in just combining into one whole process in no time.

One of the unfair advantages of utilizing the power of chatbot automation that possible combining multiple processes in one workflow from customer services to lead generation and convert to sales an automated process in time efficiency and cost effectively way. Comparing to the traditional way, the whole process of lead generation process via various methods or channels, qualifying or prospecting and follow up the leads by sales representative and closing sales is not really efficiency.

With the power of chatbot automation, it can generate the leads, set the follow up sequences and convert them into sales alone or can be hybrid with the stuffs and employees of the company so that the whole process can be work effectively and efficiently. To get better insights on how the chatbot automation can qualify leads on based these 4-stages that we are going to show you:

Stage 1: Grab the prospect’s attention and interest instantly

Chatbot automation are a potential lead generation tool, it is an effective way to qualify leads in automated. One of the simplest and effective strategy is to setup the chatbot to ask the prospects with closed-end questions or false-dichotomy questions types, so that the prospects will not leave the chat immediate or not knowing how to response to it.

For example, you can setup the chatbot for asking the simple close-ended question like "yes" or "no" answer. If the prospects answered or replied "yes" that means the prospects are interested to know more and would like to continue to get more details on it. If the prospects answered or relied "no", then they are not in your qualification, that's so straight-forward. That's why this strategy can be one of the most simplest and effective ways to qualify lead instantly in the first stage.

In AutoMessenger, you can setup a chatbot specifically for lead generation and lead qualification process by starting with the most simplest and easiest method of closed-ended or false-dichotomy questions types via our classic editor and visual flow builder. You can start setup with "Hi, #FIRST_NAME#. Welcome to #YOUR_PAGE_NAME#! Select Yes to continue for our conversation and further assistances, select No, if you just looking around and would like to hold on the conversation first.".

This is way, you can setup in AutoMessenger by using Visual Flow Editor by sign up a FREE account here. We providing comprehensive tutorials and guidelines here as well.

Stage 2: Identify their problems and pain-points.

For those prospects that had been qualified at the first stage where they had answer the chatbot "yes" ,this is the stage they will going through where in order to know what are their problems, needs and pain-points. Therefore, in order to identify these, the chatbots have to setup the questions that can identify the real problems, needs, or pain-points so that the chatbots will qualifying the leads to find the right solutions and for the better segmentation.

For this stage, you can setup the chatbot using the similar question-type as the first stage which is close-ended question that providing with few options to simplify the qualification process of this second stage. For example, you can setup the chatbot by asking how can we help them so that we can better understand their query providing with the options such as product related questions, technical issue or reporting, or ask them to highlight if there's not the option they wanted to choose from.

Throughout this stage, the chatbot will segmenting the prospects and categorize them separately based on the options that they had chosen, so that the qualification process will be narrow down into more specific tasks based on the options they had selected. In this way, you can get the better understanding on each prospects of what they are looking for, and based on the selection the prompt more specific questions to lead them into the right flows and solutions on how your company/product/service and brand can help them.

Thus, for this stage of lead qualification process, you can setup a chatbot in AutoMessenger specifically to make the lead qualifying and segmenting process easy, fast and straight-forward. You can start to setup the problem identification, fact-finding and segmenting the prospects into specific leads and sales funnel via AutoMessenger's classic editor and visual flow builder.

You can configure the conversation in this ways, "Hi, #FIRST_NAME#. Thank you for selecting Yes to continue our conversation and assistance with you! Next, select the options below to ensure that we can providing the right assistance and solutions for you." By ending this question you can place the options in the buttons as well so that they can decide faster and straight-forward.

You can try our FB Messenger Automation with Visual Bot flow builder by sign up a FREE account here. We providing comprehensive tutorials and guidelines here as well.

Stage 3: Interacting and building trust with your product/service’s value.

After you had found out the issues via chatbot's fact-finding lead qualification and lead segmentation process, problems or pain-points from your prospects, the next is providing the solutions based on your products/services and guiding them on how the products/services can help them by showing some real data-proven. case studies or testimonials to boost their confidence and desire on it.

This not only can boosting the confidence of the prospective towards your solutions or the products/services that had recommended, this stage of the process can also build the trust in between the prospects and your products/services/brand in just a very short period of time. Subsequently, once the doubts and dilemma from prospects had been dissolve, they will listen your advice respectively and the chances of get sales is higher as well.

When the prospects is up to this stage, meaning that they open their heart to listen to all the solutions you have. Therefore, you can setup the chatbot based on the previous stage that had been narrow down more specific path of process and segmenting them into the right solutions or advice path. By this strategy, the chatbots need to setup the conversation separately with the specific problems, issues and concern that had been listed to provide the right solutions, advises and recommendations based on your core products/services with proven data, real case studies and testimonials.

Stage 4: Request the prospects' information and Lead Generated.

In this last stage where is also the most crucial stage in the whole process of qualifying leads process that is requesting the prospects to get their information and submit as the qualified lead for you. The whole process of qualifying leads process from the beginning of sorting unnecessary or not qualified prospects to filtering and segmenting the prospects on based on their problems and concerns, and then to the process of building relationship process between you and your prospects.

And lastly, it comes to the decision of the prospects whether they are willing to give and submit the information the information requested by you. In this stage, chatbot is playing the main role to capture the leads automatically by setting up a lead form to get them to submit their information as well as the whole process of qualification leads from start to end without any complicated process and straight to the point.

In AutoMessenger, you can setup the lead capture strategy by using the available features, capture leads via web-view lead from or via custom user input campaign flow. You can using both features to test out in which feature is the most effective and high chance to get the prospects' information. You build the lead capture system by sign up a FREE AutoMessenger account here and providing with the unlimited leads generated and managing the leads with no restriction as well!

The 6 Biggest Benefits Of Using Chabot Lead Qualification

AM Blog 6 Biggest benefits of using chatbot for lead qualification

Lead qualification is an important step in the sales process because it determines whether or not a lead has enough interest and qualification to move further into your sales funnel based on your own measurable objectives and criteria had been set by you and your company. In chatbot lead generation, lead qualification process is using almost similar with conventional lead generation methods such as lead form and landing lead page. However, chatbot in lead generation is more interactive and more personalize compare to those conventional lead generation channels and methods.

In addition, those conventional lead generation channels and methods are notoriously less likely, boring and less interactive, but chatbots combine the interactive immediacy of human conversation with full-scale automation. This allows businesses to engage leads in ways that were not possible before and gives them an opportunity to qualify their lead without getting bogged down by a tedious process.

Chatbots have been around since the early 2000s when people first started talking about voice-first interfaces on websites like AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) but they haven't really taken off until recently. These chatbots have been successful because they are able to score leads by evaluating their first-time user experience, the quality of the content generated during conversations, and historical data on how a lead has engaged in past conversations with a brand.

For example: If you send an email to your audience asking for feedback about new features or services that have just launched but no one responds back then chances are high that person won't be interested in buying from your business going forward so it's important to know that and not be wasting your time.

The chatbot automation of the qualification process provides a number of benefits that will ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and more profitable campaigns. Here are just 6 biggest benefits that you should know about into more details of it:

Benefit 1: Chatbots Can Automated Follow Up Process

Companies want to maximize their lead conversion, but they should also be concerned about the quality of leads. Lead generation chatbots can provide must efficiency follow up by setting up some conditions to follow up the users who are highly interested on your products and your services but no in respond or reply in some period of time or they had in your lead database but still not converting them become your real customers or buyers.

This is not only can prevent the companies from losing customers, but it also gaining some trust and relationship between your business and your potential customers if you executing the right nurturing and follow up strategy by using chatbots. In AutoMessenger chatbot Builder, you can execute the lead follow up strategy by using the conditional and sequence messaging features to follow up and reconnect them who had highly interest on your products and services but just lost the connection with your chatbot due to the busyness time.

Benefit 2: Chatbots Can Strengthen Engagement Ratio

Chatbots are not only used to qualify and generate high quality leads. But the natural of chatbots is to become highly engaging virtual customer assistance which can help turn a visitor into a lead by engaging them and keeping them interested in your business. Unlike the real human of customer service, chatbots can be engaging the visitor in no time without resting time unless they are not available when there's technical errors in minor occurrences, otherwise the chatbots that you are deployed to handle and engage with the visitors can be performing very well.

When we are talking about lead generation strategy in digital marketing, generate leads through landing pages are typically and the most commonly used, however, for this method if don't performing well then there's no reason to continue engaging with them and it will cause the losing of potential customers as well as causing lower conversion rate.

This can be significantly improve when chatbots come on hands in help, which can assist to deliver relevant information based on the visitors requests or queries and improve conversion rates on helping to providing more information to convince the visitors and gaining the visitors' trust which the landing page may not possible to do it in this way. Lead bots deliver relevant information in a conversational format that maintains positive user experience while decreasing wall of texts.

Benefit 3: Chatbots Can Improved Customer Satisfaction

With the intelligence of chatbots in collecting real-time data and providing real-time support, to instantly prompt answers based on the visitors' and users' queries. Therefore, chatbots also playing the major roles especially in customer satisfaction to give the best support and solutions as possible. Due to various of customer will requesting various types of queries, they can be able to handle most frequent asked questions and respond back what the best answers by setting up various of chatbots to handle different queries as well as "train" the chatbots to be smarter by testing different setup.

Thus, the biggest advantage of using chatbot to improve customer satisfaction in customer service is you can setup as many chatbots as you can to handle different types of queries and corresponding with various answers to fulfil their request at the best. Of course, to get the significant results on improving customer satisfaction by using chatbots, its takes some times of figure it out by testing as many setup as you can until you can satisfy most of customers.

Hence, AutoMessenger chatbot builder can help you to setup many chatbots as you can to handle various types of queries and prompt the answers that you fulfill customer satisfactions. There's two methods to setup your customer service chatbots which is classic messenger bot editor and drag-and-drop visual flow builder. So how to get started? You can sign up an account here for free, and start to setup the chatbots with no limits. And no worries, we providing a lot tutorials and help guides on our member site as well as in the blog as well.

Benefit 4: Chatbots Can Generated Higher Sales Conversions

Since we proven the facts that chabots is the highly engaging tool on managing customer services and it also ease to setup and use in the quick way. Chatbots can increase conversions rates by creating a smoother user experience. In terms of when lead qualification process that done by chatbots tend to generate high quality leads that relatively impact to get higher sales conversions.

Therefore, chatbots can be perfectly to closing sales directly by combining the whole process of lead qualification. At the same application, chatbots can also work perfectly with landing page for lead generation purpose by embedding the chatbot in code base or using submission button to redirect to chatbot automated workflow that had been setup done or you can setup them into both ways in simultaneously.

For example, when a visitor comes in the landing page, the visitors can either submit their personal information via filling up the lead forms or click on "Submit With Messenger" button to lead the visitor into more interactive and automated way to submit their personal information.

Thus, you can design your lead qualification and sales conversion strategy via our AutoMessenger Chabot Builder here! AutoMessenger has equip with a full-featured of lead generation tools such as webform builder, custom user input and custom field, and messenger engagement tools to associate with your chatbot automation flow that can be setup with classic messenger bot editor as well as visual flow builder without limiting your creativity. Create your lead bot now with AutoMessenger for FREE.

Benefit 5: Chatbot Can Improved Customer Experience

Lead qualification processes are critical in the sales process. Marketing bots provide an easy way for companies to receive quick and convenient customer service while improving their customer experience. One of the biggest advantages of chatbot automation is it can serving your customers instantly or in the very short time especially for nowadays, instant response and get help in the short time have become one of the key to improve customer experience.

While it is true that chatbots can improve customer experience, but they have some limitation as well. For customer-oriented or customer service, you need to setup different chatbot and approach which is more suitable more customer service which is focusing on highly engaging the customers to improve the customer experience since they already know your brand and your products. Unlike lead generation bots are design for the purpose that focusing on qualifying leads and sales conversation.

Hence, you can setup the hybrid chatbot that combine the lead generation and customer experience together in one process and automation flow during the dealing with the visitors that still not knowing your brand and product yet in the balance way.

How it works? Let illustrate this example, when a visitor come across and connect with chatbot, bot will greeting first like "How can I help you?" with some options button or quick reply provided to give gateway for the visitor who have his/her intention on his mind. For those who clicked on those buttons or quick reply just lead them straight to the lead qualification process, otherwise, the chatbot need to engage those who are not clicked the options can lead them into the conversation in more human style.

Benefit 6: Chatbot Can Increased Customer Lifetime Value

Last but not least, chatbot can increased customer lifetime value that relatively towards the maintaining the customer relationship and customer retention in the long term. No matter are small businesses or big businesses, customer lifetime value is very essential to get your business running in the long run. It's also an important metrics to measure that how well your business to maintain your new and existing customers that can stick with your brand.

Chatbot can work perfectly on maintaining the relationship between your brand, products and your customer. It work similar to those conventional customer retention strategy such as email and sms marketing. Once chatbot have collected the data about the customer information such as purchase history, frequency of purchase, most buying products and more, you can setup a sequence of promotion that delicate to them such as one-time special price, member-only price and so on.

So how chatbot can work in lead generation with customer retention strategy at the same time? You can setup the lead qualification chatbot to get the high quality leads and once the lead qualification process is done, bring the leads to convert them become your real customers. Those become your real customer, you can prompt them in upcoming promotions and maintaining relationship such as surprise birthday greeting with special discount and gift for them.

Thus, you can design your lead qualification and sales conversion strategy via our AutoMessenger Chabot Builder here! AutoMessenger has equip with a full-featured of lead generation tools such as webform builder, custom user input and custom field, and messenger engagement tools to associate with your chatbot automation flow that can be setup with classic messenger bot editor as well as visual flow builder without limiting your creativity. Create your lead bot now with AutoMessenger for FREE.

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