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You may have heard that automation is the key to maintain a competitive edge? It's true! Automation can increase your lead qualification process in lead generation strategy by cutting down on manual processing time and eliminating redundant work, while providing high-quality and qualified leads to improve the closing and conversation rate into sales effectively.

As you go through this article, you will discovering that there are many benefits of using chatbots for lead qualification process rather than traditional and complicated lead qualification process in lead generation strategy. It's a wise decision to explore the power of chatbot automation for your business, but first, you will need to understand how it can help to improve your lead qualification process in lead generation strategy before making that plunge!

Unlike conventional lead qualification process in lead generation strategy, lead qualification chatbot is the newest and the most effective way to qualify your leads. It’s faster, easier and more reliable than ever before. No matter you are into business-to-business (B2B) & business-to-consumer (B2C) of lead generation strategy, in this article will show you how to use chatbot marketing automation in effective ways to accelerate and fill up your pipeline of qualified leads within no time at all!

In this blog post, we will be discussing about there are several ways you can implement an effective lead qualification chatbot by using AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder and what makes it so powerful as become must use marketing automation tool.

What is lead qualification bot?

AM Blog What is lead qualification bot

Lead qualification bot is an automated conversational chatbot with the combination of marketing automation strategy that can used by any types of professions especially for business owners and marketers which to qualify and scores captured leads to get high quality leads in fast and easy way. The lead qualification process can be done without human agent intervention, which increases the speed of lead scoring, reduce plenty of time on tedious or unnecessary task and reduces risks associated with manual processes.

The main purpose of building a lead qualification bot is to automate the process of segmenting and qualifying leads, which enable to saves tremendous amount of time by filtering out potential customers or clients whether they are your qualified or non-qualified leads in automate way.

On the other hand, it also able to integrate with your websites, lead forms, and other messaging platforms especially for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message to automate the lead generation process without highly relying on human availability and human interaction.

It using the real-time conversation and data-driven to analyze and working out with your leads and sales prospects qualification process with minimal efforts and resources.

Unlike those boring online lead form or form submission page, lead qualification bot is more interactive, visuality and dynamic features which is able to get the submission rate will getting higher and better interest to obtain the details from the prospects with minimal efforts.

By using lead qualification with chatbot automation, companies save time and money while improving their customer experiences by eliminating tedious online forms.

How lead qualification process actually works?

AM Blog How lead qualification process actually works

Lead qualification is the process of narrowing down leads to find qualified ones. It plays a vital role in building a harmonious relationship with customers and need to be able to communicate and provide services as soon as possible. It's also playing an important role in the lead generation strategy where can filtering and segmenting the leads to suit your business goals.

Although not all lead qualification processes need to be completed in real-time, it is essential for the staff at your company to have the process to qualify leads and determine whether or not they want their product or service.

In the conventional lead qualification process, there is a complicated process you need to proceed especially for large companies that have designated teams or departments to operate such as sales & marketing teams, customer acquisition team and product team. However, for small organization, lead qualification process is much more simple and direct.

According to Hubspot, there are several types of leads in the lead qualification process that applies to large companies which are:

  1. Unqualified Leads: This type of leads are not consider as "useless" leads that need to forgive, instead they need go through a long nurturing processes when they had segment out from the marketing and sales funnel.

    This is the path that you need to be patient to educate them for a certain period of time no matter you are using automated ways or non-automated way that most follow ups by sales and customer relationship team.
  2. Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) : This type of leads usually consider as the prospects who are fit to receive marketing campaigns and information through out digital marketing campaigns such as email campaigns, content offers, and more.
  3. Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) :This type of leads clearly defined as your qualified leads who are ready to get in touch with salesperson and ready to go through the sales funnel process.
  4. Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) : This type of leads defining the prospects who have highly interest on the product by either subscribing a free trial plan or signing up for a free account etc.
  5. Conversion Qualified Leads (CQLs) : A CQL is any lead who has converted on your website, either by submitting a form or by pressing a click-to-call button.

We are not going further in depths details on these types of lead qualifications process that applied large companies which have the large resources and large teams to practice these all qualification process.

However, in this article we are focusing on the lead qualification process that most likely applicable for most type or range of industries, professions and companies size which is much less complicated and easily to apply without minimal resources and time utilization. Let's dive in to the 2 main types of leads we are discussing for:

  1. Unqualified leads
  2. Qualified leads

1. What is Unqualified leads?

As mentioned earlier, unqualified leads are non-qualified leads and usually this type of lead had resulting from being filtered or segmented out from the lead qualification process. They can be judge as low scoreboard which they are lack of interest or lack of knowing about your brand, products and business.

Most of the scenarios that defined the prospects as unqualified leads are who not knowing about your products or services and lack of intuition about what they are looking for. This also can be happens when the customer service team asking a sequence of questions but they are not willing to get the opportunity to know more for it by exchanged their personal information such as email and contact. This doesn't means that they are not your ideal customer and just totally ignore them, but they are just need some time to looking out more or taking considerations.

Therefore, we need to change different approach which need to get them into a different segment that we called it as the nurturing sequences which takes time to feed them information and interest about your brand, products and services. This approach may takes long time to convert those unqualified leads to qualified leads, however this can be automated without manually working out. Lead qualification bots can become one of the most effective method on automating nurturing sequences. Continue to read further, we will talk about how to build a nurturing sequence chatbot here.

2. What is qualified leads?

It's pretty straight-forward, qualified leads are defined as prospects who have been went into specific qualifications, until they meet the company's requirements. Thus, qualified leads are one of the most important subset of the business operations to run and grow your business.

The qualified leads also known as the warm leads which are high-quality leads that knowing well about your products and services as well as knowing what they are looking for to fit their needs and wants.

Before they had become your qualified leads, they had been converted from cold leads to warm leads once they are highly interested on your products and your services to ready to give a try on it by exchanged their personal information details. Therefore in general, qualified leads are prioritized for their perceived value and have been made aware of the benefits your product can bring to them.

For those qualified leads had been gone through a series of lead qualification process which is getting the higher potential to convert them into your real customers. By going through this lead qualification process can be very tedious and time consuming if you have lack of resources and manpower limits. Therefore, can lead qualification process can be automated by using lead qualification bot.

Hence, AutoMessenger chatbot builder can help you speed up this process by determining if an individual qualifies as a potential customer based on certain criteria set up by each business automatically. Continue to read further, we will talk about how to build a lead qualification chatbot here.

Why Lead Qualification Bot Is An Ultimate Method For Lead Generation Strategy?

AM Blog Why lead qualification bot is an ultimate method

A lead qualification bot is a great alternative for lead qualification process in digital marketing strategy especially for those who are operating small and medium businesses, business-to-consumer businesses(B2C), solo-entrepreneurs and freelancer that doesn't require much resources and cost to maintain their operational.

While the combination of chatbot for lead qualification have the ability to analyze and justify on the answers based on the qualification questions had been setup and structured by you and your company. For example, the bots may asking about what or how do they know about your products or services or how do they find out the products may help and benefit to them and so on. To know more about how to setup lead qualification question, you can checkout here.

There are several benefits on lead qualification bot over conventional and complex sales and marketing lead qualification process for most small businesses categories:

  1. Lead qualification bots able to help companies and organizations qualify and convert leads that can cut short the qualification process. They can be configured to target different types of lead generation activities, such as marketing automation, social media advertising, webinars and email marketing campaigns without going through complicated lead qualification process.
  2. Chatbot for lead qualification integration seem more humanize and personalize than other methods of lead qualification like phone calls or emails. With the convenience of multi-channel communication available with chatbots through various channels.
  3. Qualify leads via lead qualification bots are doesn't required many resources allocated to the process. Thus, you can use less staff, less time and minimal resources to qualify leads for your sales marketing campaign by using automated lead qualification systems by using lead generation and qualification bots.
  4. With the power of chatbot automation, lead qualification process can be hybrid with sales funnel to convert those qualified and warm leads to become your customer directly when they are still high level of interested on your products or services and highly engaging with your social media accounts without wasting time and the opportunity.
  5. Lead qualification bots can be potentially improve the sales conversion rate of your lead generation strategy due to the power of automation and the simple application to qualify, score and segment the prospects in the very short process. This will cause the process of marketing and sales will become short and straightforward as well.

AutoMessenger Chabot Builder able to improve the process of qualifying leads and producing more qualified ones over time. With the combination of chatbot marketing automation with lead qualification, it's capable to handle complex questions quickly and accurately without human intervention.

Lead Qualification Frameworks You Need To Know Before Build Your Lead Qualification Bot?

AM Blog Lead qualification framework before build lead gen chatbot

For marketing teams, chatbot for lead qualification helps them to qualify leads faster and almost automated. It's also helps the teams to deliver high quality leads to the sales department. This can make a huge difference in terms of lead conversion rates and time-to-sales for companies that make use of chatbot marketing automation as part of their lead generation strategy.

Chatbot marketing automation are essential for lead generation strategy due to the power of chatbots integration that not only can be an excellent digital marketing tool to enhances customer experiences by providing immediate, personalized service to the customers in a conversational and interactive way.

But it also can qualify leads by setting up the automated lead qualification workflows as simple as possible so that can generation sales in more effective and efficient way compare to other conventional methods.

Therefore, with the power of chatbot automation, lead qualification bots have been designed to provide quick responses and offer self-service options where possible, which is effective when there's not enough time or resources available during the process of qualifying leads on your website, social media platforms and other channels that opt-in and integrating with chatbot marketing automation tool.

Now let's back to the main section on the 2 main frameworks you need to know before building your own lead qualification bot, you can choose the most suitable framework to suit your lead qualification objectives:

Lead Qualification Framework 1: GPCTBA/C&I Qualification Model

The actual terms of this framework is the combination of GPCTBA stands for Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timeline, Budget, Authority. And C&I stands for Consequences, and Implications. The GPCTBA/C&I qualification model is a great qualification framework for identifying prospect's goals, plans, pain-points, time-frames, and budgets so that you can providing the solutions or recommendations that can impact the prospect's outcomes.

To apply this framework, you can design the lead qualification questions by following the checkpoints one by one as below:

  1. Goals: In this qualification checkpoint, you may ask your prospects about what are their goals in using your product or service and their objectives in using it. You also ask how they can achieve these goals with your brand.

    Through this question, you had identified their goals and objectives, you can based on their objectives to show your product or service how it can achieve or reach to meet their expectations.
  2. Plans: Next is you may asking your prospects about their previous experiences to achieve their goals and objectives, what kind of plans had been proceeded to achieve their objectives and what kind of ways or methods they had tried to solve their issues.

    Once you had identified their plans that had been tried and done but doesn't meet their expectation, you can based on their experiences had been done to give an alternative or opportunity on how your product or service could be the better solutions.
  3. Challenges: For this qualification checkpoint is very effective especially for those who had bad experiences and pains when they attempted to achieve their objectives. You may prompt the questions straight to their pain-points on what are their hardest challenges and obstacles they had experienced in whole process.

    Once you had identified their challenges and obstacles, you can give your most "pain-killer" solution to instantly kill their doubts and resolve their issue had been faced and disturbed them for awhile.
  4. Timeline: For this qualification checkpoint, you need to find out your prospects about whether are they urgently to solve their problem as soon as possible or they need some time to consider the solutions that we provided.

    This can be very crucial especially if the prospects need the instant solutions instead of "think about it" or in consideration based on your recommendations or solutions, they will straight become your customer as long as you create the sense of urgency as well as a good timing to give the best and instant solution for them.
  5. Budget: This also another important qualification checkpoint, whether the prospects are able and afford to pay the price to solve their problems via your product or service. You need to communicate and demonstrate the expectations on what are the potential benefits and positive outcomes if they are willing and affording to purchase your product or subscribe your service.
  6. Authority: This qualification checkpoint is to identify on whether they are the decision maker or the highest authority to make the purchase decision. However, this checkpoint is only necessary if you are in business-to-business industry.
  7. Consequences and Implications: This checkpoint mainly is to showcase on how your product or service can be their best solution with positive expectations, implications and outcomes to solve their doubts, negative experiences and issues. If you showcase the solution well and desirable, you can get higher chance to sell your solution close and settle.

Lead Qualification Framework 2: CHAMP Qualification Model

This framework is much simpler, more straightforward and the most powerful model as well is called CHAMP framework, which is stands for Challenge (CH), Authority (A), Money (M), and Prioritization (P). This framework model is focusing on what are the best approaches to fact find and engage the prospects based on the CHAMP qualification question checkpoints that had breakdown one-by-one as below:

  1. Challenge (CH): At this qualification checkpoint, you may get to know your prospects' concern and frustration about what are the challenges had previous and currently faced. Based on what they had responded, you can giving the solutions on how your product or service can help them to resolve their previous and current frustrations they had faced.
  2. Authority (A): This qualification checkpoint is pretty of straight-forward which is getting to find out the prospects about who are the decision maker that involving on purchasing product or subscribing service. So that you can approach the right prospect in order to provide the right solution to the right person as well.
  3. Money (M): This qualification checkpoint is relative to Authority checkpoint where is depending on the decision maker. However, this is the checkpoint where you need to find out the prospects' budget on whether they are afford to pay on your product or service. If they are willing the spend on the budget, then they are the qualified leads, other than that, you may disqualified them or put under KIV.
  4. Prioritization (P): Last but not least checkpoint is to find out which level of urgency your prospects are in order to get them convert become your customer. That means, how urgent and desire to solve their current problem by using your product or service. If the prospects' have low level of urgency which mean they are still looking around instead of make the purchase decision now, that disqualified them.

These are 2 main qualification frameworks that you can apply on your lead qualification process and strategy to get high-quality leads in order to obtain higher sales conversation and lower cost and shorten the qualification process in terms of effectiveness and efficiencies.

You already know and learnt about the what is lead qualification process, what is lead qualification bot ,and what kind of lead qualification frameworks you can apply into your lead qualification strategy before building your own lead qualification bot. Now let's move on to the most important part of this article!

How To Build Your Own Lead Qualification Bot With Drag and Drop Flow Builder?

AM Blog How to build lead gen bot with flow builder

In general, chatbot marketing automation can be one for the best alternative for lead generation tool if you and your organization have the limitations on budget, manpower and resources. With the features that powered by chatbot automation which is focusing on user friendly as well, you can make your lead generation and lead qualification process become more cost effectively and cost efficiently.

Unlike those enterprise lead generation and management softwares, they are kind of expensive and not suitable for small & medium companies, solo-entrepreneur and freelancers where require deep learning curve to understand how to works.

Therefore, creating lead qualification bot in chatbot marketing automation tool is the best lead generation strategy for most of the users especially for small-and-medium business owners, solo-entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Before you get started on how to build the chatbot lead qualification flow, you need a chatbot builder tool to get started and setup your own lead qualification flow. We would like to recommend you to create a FREE account in AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder to get started.

By the end of this article, you will know how to setup your own lead qualification bot in AutoMessenger easily. And don't worry, we will show you step-by-step on how to setup it in AutoMessenger, let's dive in!

Step 1: Create An Absolute Free Account

  1. Log on to AutoMessenger Application Login Page.
  2. Once you are in the Login Page, there are two ways to sign up or create a new account, the first method is you can sign up by using the "Login With Facebook" button at the button of the Login fields the in login page, or alternatively, you can use the second method by clicking "Create one" hyperlink at the bottom of the "Login With Facebook" button in the login page.
  3. If you are using "Login With Facebook" to create the new account, once you had clicked through the button, you will be redirecting to your Facebook account and a popup will be appear afterward.

    The popup is the Facebook application permission to allow the external or third-party application (AutoMessenger) to connect your Facebook so that AutoMessenger can allow connect to your Facebook account with your permission.

    Following the instruction below so that your Facebook account can be successfully connected with AutoMessenger:
  • Click "Continue As your account name", make sure that you are in the right account to connect with. If is not the account that you want to connect, click "Login to another account" to connect with the right account.
  • The next permission in the popup is which Instagram Business Account you would like to connect with. For your information, Instagram Chatbot feature in AutoMessenger only available to PRO and ULTIMATE plan, you can select the Instagram Business Account first or import your Instagram Business account later after you had upgrade the account to PRO or ULTIMATE plan.

    Once selected you can click next for the next permission. To upgrade your account from FREE to PRO/Ultimate, you can checkout the plan here or upgrade in your member site by following on this guide.
  • The next permission is which Facebook Pages you would like to connect with. Select the Facebook Pages you like to connect and import into AutoMessenger.

    For FREE plan, only limiting 5 Pages available to import and connect, while PRO and ULTIMATE plan each can import and connect with 30 Pages for ULTIMATE plan and 60 Pages for ULTIMATE plan. Once the pages selected you can click next for the last permission.
  • For the last permission is to confirm what kind of details that AutoMessenger app allow to get from. By default already selected options, "Receive your email address" & "Access your Page and App insights" permissions. Lastly click "Done" button to complete the permission with app and it will redirect back to the member site's dashboard.

4. Congratulations! You have successfully created the account in AutoMesssenger and let's start to create your lead qualification bot now!

Step 2: Select The Imported Pages And Enable Bot Connection

  1. Once you are inside the member site's dashboard, you can view the main menu selection feature tabs are available on your left screen of the dashboard including Subscriber Manager, Messenger Bot, Broadcasting and Visual Flow Builder where all are free to use.
  2. To Make Your Messenger Chatbot work, first you need to enable the bot connection with your Facebook page.
  3. Click "Import Accounts" from the dashboard of your AutoMessenger account, and once you are in the import account page, you can see the list of the imported Facebook pages from your Facebook account on right column while your connected Facebook account that shows at the left column.

    You can adding the other Facebook pages into AutoMessenger by clicking "Add Facebook Account" on the left column.
  4. To enable the Bot Connection with the Facebook Page, select the Facebook Pages that would like to enable the bot connection by clicking the "socket icon" button on the imported pages lists.
  5. Once the selected Facebook page had been enabled the bot connection, the "socket icon" will turn into the "switch on icon" button. If you had hitting the limit or restriction of the amount of the accounts to enable for bot connection, You can always disabled the bot connection for the unused pages anytime. Unlock the limits? Upgrade your plan here!
  6. And done! The chatbot of your Facebook page has been activated! Now it's time to create your Lead qualification bot with AutoMessenger!

Step 3: Start To Create Your First Bot Flow In Visual Flow Builder

  1. There are two ways to create your lead qualification bot in AutoMessenger:
  • Via our classic bot editor
  • Via our Visual Flow Builder

2. But in this step, we are going to show you the most easiest way to create your lead qualification bot by using Visual Flow Builder. For more details on what is the difference between Classic Bot Editor and Visual Flow Builder, you can check out this article.

3. To get started with Visual Flow Builder, first click on Visual Flow Builder on the left sidebar menu. Once you had clicked through on it, you can see a "Create new flow" purple button located at the top left of the page and click on it.

4. Once you had clicked " Create new flow" button, a popup appeared with the dropdown to select your activated bot page and click Ok button to start to create a new flow. Once done, you will redirected to the visual flow editor page

5. Inside the visual flow editor, you can see a wide and clean space covering majority of the page. And in the page, you can also discover that there has three main components appear in the visual flow editor:

  • The Dock Menu (Left Sidebar): This is the menu where you can drag and drag the elements to the visual flow editor into the block form so that the element block can connecting with each other by connecting the connector from each block. There are around 15-20 elements you can choose from the dock menu depending of the plan you are taken from.
  • Start Bot Flow: This is the first block always to appear in the visual flow editor as your starter point to build to bot flow, you also need to name the bot flow in this "start bot flow" so that the whole bot flow can be saved successfully.
  • Actions Buttons: There are three action button which is "Back" button, "Rearrange" button and "Saved" button for the purpose of the back to the previous page, rearrange the elements block that had displayed in the visual flow editor and save the bot flow to prevent the missing or redo the chat flow.

For more guides and tutorials on how to to create and configure the chatbot flows via visual flow builder, we have a complete and comprehensive guidelines of how to use the elements and build the bot flow in the Visual Flow Builder here.

6. Now you already understand basic components inside to visual flow editor page, to build and configurate the lead qualification bot. We are demonstrating to you on how to setup a simple lead qualification bot in the next step. Let's get this done!

Step 4: Build & Configure Your Lead Qualification Bot With Drag-and-Drop

  1. In this demonstration, we are showing how to build a simple lead qualification bot with just drag-and-drop with basic configurations. To setup this simple lead qualification bot, here are the elements we going to use to set this up:
  • Text element
  • Button element
  • Trigger element

2. One more things to setup this lead qualification bot, we need to setup another function called "User Input Flow" feature to collecting the leads information easily. This feature only available for those who subscribed for PRO & ULTIMATE plans.

However, for users who are subscribed FREE plan especially for new users, you can collecting the lead's information such as name, email, phone number and item ordering etc via our webview form (Built-in External Lead Form). Checkout on how to setup Custom Input Flow and Webview Form tutorials here.

3. In this demonstration, you can use it when you are run a Facebook advertising campaign and lead those prospects to your bot flow by telling them to get started with the keyword "#IWantAMNow!" as an example.

When people who are commenting your ads post, your lead qualification bot will triggering the keyword "#IWantAMNow!" to initiate the bot to run and lead them through the flow that you had setup.

4. Thus, to trigger the keyword from the ads post from Facebook, you need to drag out the "Trigger" element from dock menu to the editor space and start the trigger configuration by double click the "Trigger" element block on it. A configuration column will be appearing on the right of the editor space.

5. In the configuration column, fill up the keyword "#IWantAMNow!" without double quote. You can insert as many as possible keywords based on your preferences. Once the keyword(s) had been inserted, click Ok button and link the "Trigger" block to the "Start Bot Flow" block by dragging the connector from the socket of the trigger output to the socket of the start bot flow input shows at below.

6. After this trigger configuration is done, the next is to drag the "Text" element from dock menu on the left sidebar to the editor space. Follow this same instruction, double click the "Text" element and start configuration the text block when the configuration column appear at the right of the editor space.

7. In this demonstration, we will inserting a reply message like this, "Hi, #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME#! Thank you for interested on our product! To make sure that your purchase smoothly and happily, there are still few steps going to proceed. Please click "Order Now!" to proceed your order.

If you have the question regarding about this product, click "More product info" button to get more product related information.".

8. Once the reply message is done, click Ok button and drag out the two "Button" elements from dock menu since this example showing 2 options to choose from the text element and start configuring these two "Button" element in the editor space by double clicking the first "Button" block. Once the button configuration column appeared, there are 2 sections you need to configure, "button text" and "button type".

9. "Button text" is the button name shows the users for call-to-action based on your mentioned above, so we can write "Order Now!". "Button type" is which button type you are going to configure, in this example we can setup this button type in 2 methods:

  • Method 1 (For PRO & ULTIMATE Plan Users): Select "New Postback" as button type and connect it to the "User Input Flow" element. This method is for PRO and ULTIMATE users which "User Input Flow" feature is available. Otherwise for FREE plan users, you can used the second method. To explain what is postback about, we have a comprehensive guide to explain more in-depth on it here.
  • Method 2 (For All Plans Users): Select "Webview" or "Web URL" to connect the built-in webview form in AutoMessenger.
  • Both this method having the same purpose on it, but just in different route and design on method to collect the lead database. To know more about what is the difference between Webview Lead Form and User Input Flow, you can checkout on here.

10. In this demonstrations, we are using the first method which is select "New Postback" and click Ok button. A "New Postback" block had been appeared in the editor space which connecting together with "Button" block automatically and drag the "User Input Flow" element to the editor space by following User Input Flow selected in the configuration column .

For second method and FREE plan user is much more easier, just select "Webview" or "Web URL" and insert the link on it.

11. Kindly take note that, both methods need to setup the "User Input Flow" and "Webview Form" first before setup this bot qualification bot. To setup "User Input Flow" and "Webview Form", you can follow this guide here.

12. Once the button had connected with postback or Webview form. You are almost done! Make sure all the blocks had connected with each other and save it via action button on the top of the editor.

If there's an error on the connection of the blocks or can't save the bot properly, you can check out this help centre to guide you how to solve it. And you are done!

Step 5: Sit Back, Relax & Automate It!

Finally, it's time for the moment you are waiting for! You just seat steadily and let the chatbot to do the rest of the work to save your work. Once your Facebook Messenger chatbot had activated and running, it started to collect your audience who have the conversation with chatbot become your subscribe and save your subscribe in one place!

Final Words

As a conclusion, Lead qualification bot is an alternative way to automate your lead qualification for high quality leads and segmentation purposes. If you want your business to remain relevant, you need an automated lead qualification process in place.

Chatbots are a new way to automate and streamline the lead qualification process in your business model without having to spend money or time manually acquiring leads from different sources of data such as social media sites and websites that require forms submission.

Therefore, AutoMessenger is a chatbot builder platform that can help to accelerate lead generation. By using this chatbot builder, companies will be able to qualify leads in less time with fewer errors than they would have otherwise. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for phone calls and email which are often times inefficient due to the fact that many people don't answer their phones or check their emails on days when they aren't working.

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