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Automate Facebook Messenger Marketing with Chatbot Marketing Automation

Generation leads and grow your sales and business with unleash the power of Facebook Messenger Marketing automated and powered by AutoMessenger Chatbot builder
Build Your Facebook Chatbot!

Your All-in-one Facebook chatbot marketing automation tool

Make your FB Messenger become your full-fledged and ultimate chatbot marketing automation solutions to automate digital marketing activities with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder
Bot Flow Builder
Keywords Triggers
Lead Gen. & Info. Captures
Drip Marketing Campaigns
Subscribers Management
Comment Auto-trigger
AutoMessenger Facebook Messenger Automation featuring with drag-n-drop Messenger Bot Builder called Bot Flow Builder providing more than 12 visual-rich and media-rich elements to build your FB Messenger bot flows with no limits.

By using the elements inside Bot Flow Builder, each element had dragged to the bot flow editor is able to connect with other elements easily and flexibly.

You also able to build your Messenger bot by using our ready-made bot templates to customize your own FB Messenger bot.
AutoMessenger Facebook Messenger Automation able to detects and triggers multiple keywords from users' message inputs and start an automated response that had been configured in AutoMessenger’s Bot Manager via Bot Keywords Settings and Bot Flow Builder.

What's more?! To make your Messenger bot become smarter and intelligence, the keywords that had been inserted are able to choose the keyword match types to trigger and sent the automated responses in more accurate way.
AutoMessenger Facebook Messenger Automation providing lead generation solutions via chatbot automation where you can capture and collect the leads or user details such as name, Email, phone number etc by using presets or custom fields.

To capture user’s information, you are able to build the automated information capture bot flow by using the feature called Custom Input Fields where you can configuring the users’ information that you want to collect from.
AutoMessenger Facebook Messenger Automation able to create multiple sequences of automated messages and duration within the specific time and duration that had been configured where you are able to nurture and promote your products and services to your leads and your existing customers.

This feature is just similar with what Email drip campaign, it can deliver the automated messages in certain period of time to build the trust and relationship with users by sharing valuable content and promoting your businesses.
AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder providing one of the most important feature which is able to manage your subscribers collected by Messenger bot created and saved the information of each subscribers all in your dashboard’s Subscriber Manager.

This feature not only saved the information of the subscribers, it also able to do some actions specifically such as sending message individually to the subscribers or assign specific group of subscribers to specific sequence of campaigns.

Subscriber Manager also allows you to import, migrate and export your subscriber lists easily.
This Comment Auto-trigger feature is one of the most frequent used feature especially when you published the Facebook posts for lead and sales generation purpose as well as general audience engagement and extending customer relationship

When the users commented on the specific posts , FB Messenger bot get triggered to reply automatically from the comment's specific keywords. It will redirect the users to Messenger inbox and starts the automated bot flow directly.

Build Your Own Ultimate Chatbot Marketing Automation Machine All In One Place

Build FB Messenger bot via drag n drop easily with no-code visual interface

AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder featured Visual Flow Builder has featuring with more than 15 visual-rich and media-rich elements or formats to build your chatbots in drag n' drop style and connecting with elements easily by dragging the connection in between elements.

With Bot Flow Builder, you are able connecting between elements and inter-connecting with multiple Messenger bot that had created to build and tailor the bot flow based on your requirements and objectives.

No idea to design and configure the bot flow? No worries, you are able to build your own bot flow by customizing from ready-made Messenger bot flow templates without starting from scratch.

Make your FB Messenger bot be more effective and corresponding to your audiences, prospects and customers

Design and build your Messenger bot to automate responds instantly by configuring keywords trigger settings and action button settings that allows users to communicate with your businesses easily via Messenger app.

In order to make Messenger bot in more effective and corresponding to the automated replies with your audiences, you are able to setup multiple keywords matching and customized the action button templates based on your requirements and objectives.

Furthermore, to create more chatbots, you can export and import chatbot to make your work much easier.

Make your lead generation strategy and lead qualification process easier, efficiently and effectively

Lead generation and acquiring the quality leads to match your requirements is one of the success factors on growing your businesses. Thus, AutoMessenger providing lead gen and lead capture solutions by using Messenger bot flows.

In AutoMessenger, you are able to build the Messenger bot flow that allows you to collect specific information from the users by using built-in responsive lead capture forms as well as custom input flows that can configuring via Bot Flow Builder,

What's more?! You also able to segment your qualified leads and non-qualified leads based on different conditions and custom fields which can save the information in Subscriber Manager.

Get your qualified leads into drip campaigns to grow your sales and optimize sales conversion rate

Once you had generated, qualified the leads and save the leads into your Subscribers Manager database, it’s time to get them into nurturing process and ready to convert them become your customers.

In AutoMessenger, you are able to create Messenger bot flows specify for drip marketing campaign by building a sequences of automated messages for certain period of durations.

Thus, the qualified leads are going through the nurturing process to educate and build trust with them by delivering valuable content and information about your products and services until become your customers.

Create Your Ecommerce Store That Powered By Chatbot Automation Without Creating Ecommerce Sites

With The Rise Of Ecommerce Sites With Chatbot Marketing Integration, Unlock The Power Of Chatbot Marketing Automation With Ecommerce Store Integrating All In One Tool.

We Providing Ecommerce Solutions With Chatbot Marketing Automation Which able to Setup As Easy And Quick As Possible With No Code And User-Friendly Interface. The Features Are Including Product And Categories Listing, Payment Gateway Integration And Email Order Notification As Well As Whatsapp Order Notification.

Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps Easily!

Easily Connect and Integrate Third Party Apps with AutoMessenger Chatbot Builder's JSON API Connector Such as Zapier, Integrately, Google Sheet, MailChimp & more.
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